History and Mission of FAITH Alliance

Debbie Schavietello and Sasha Clements, Co-Founders, FAITH Alliance, describe the mission and goals:

FAITH Alliance was born from our desire to create a comprehensive community resource for breast cancer information and support.  Both of our mothers survived breast cancer, but each of us have known family members and friends who have lost thier battle with this disease.

We each watched our mothers struggle with their own personal fears and treatment decisions while striving to care for their families, their friends, and thier jobs.  While our mothers had the support of thier families,  we realized that many women are not so lucky.  The experience made us aware of the many people in our community who would benefit from an organization dedicated to providing support for breast cancer patients.

We believe that with your help, the possibilities for FAITH Alliance are limitless!


In 2014, FAITH Alliance dissolved as a 501(c)(3) organization, making a donation to the Montgomery County Free Clinic Operations Fund and creating the FAITH Alliance Fund with the Montgomery County Community Foundation. Montgomery County Free Clinic, Inc. is proud to continue the mission of FAITH Alliance by providing assistance to those with breast cancer.