Dayanand is a Physical Therapist. He received his masters degree in India. In 2007,Dayanand came to America and settled in El Paso, Texas. He received his doctorates degree at A.T. Still University in Arizona. Dayanand is a father and a husband.  He has two daughters, one is in 7th grade and the other in Kindergarten, and a wife who is a homemaker.

Dayanand started working in this community in 2010. He says “I love being in the community and helping as much as I can.” Outside of volunteering at the clinic, Dayanand works for a group of nursing homes helping to rehabilitate those who are typically 60+ years old. He also performs home safety checks making sure that patients who return home are safe. Here at the clinic, works with patients who have pains in the various parts of their body, like the shoulders, knees, or back. He instructs patients on how to regain strength if they are experiencing muscle weakness. He also helps with balance issues and dizziness.

Thank you Dayanand for Volunteering!

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