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2023 Spring Newsletter

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Dining with the Chefs “UNPLUGGED”

Our creative chefs (Rick Warner, Lali Hess, and Jason Alexander) have “cooked up” a new plan for our 9th Dining with the Chefs on Saturday, August 12, 2023! The new format for the Montgomery County Free Clinic’s biggest fundraiser will be interactive, entertaining, and educational. It will be – in a word – unplugged.

We’ve unplugged the traditional head-table and will set up four workstations along the perimeter of the seated dining area. Meal preparation will continue in batches throughout the evening, so your plate will always be hot and fresh! Read more about it.

THANK YOU to the 2023 Dining with the Chefs sponsors who have already committed: Amy McCormick, Bill Doemel, Elizabeth Thompson Herrin, JM Thompson Insurance, Julie Bergfors, Wabash College, Wendy Brogioli.

Also, special thanks to Rick Warner, Lali Hess, Jason Alexander, and Bon Appetit catering!

Let’s add your name today!

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