The Montgomery County Free Clinic Fund
This fund was established to endow the ongoing operations of the Montgomery County Free Clinic. Our goal is to reach $1,000,000 for endowment. At a yield of 4%, this endowment once achieved would provide the clinic with $40,000 per year operating funds. We are pleased that this is now a regular fund at MCCF. More information can be found here.
What is the impact of the Supreme Court Decision regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) on the free clinic?
The Board of Directors of Montgomery County Free Clinic, Inc. believes that the Dr. Mary Ludwig Clinic will be needed indefinitely to continue to care for those who remain uninsured, who fall through the cracks or are unable to afford services not covered by their insurance (see We base this belief on the following: The Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) but gave states the option of not extending Medicaid to cover the uninsured (see Since the Indiana legislative leadership believes that ACA is too big a burden for Indiana taxpayers to bear, it seems unlikely that Indiana will extend coverage to those not covered by Medicaid (see Those currently uninsured may find that the options available through the State Health Insurance Exchange, which is yet to be developed, are unaffordable and the penalties, if applicable, are lower than the cost of insurance. Should Medicaid be extended to greater numbers of those now uninsured, the number of doctors and nurse practitioners available to treat them in Montgomery County will be insufficient to meet the need (see Since the ACA does not cover dental care, the Montgomery County Free Clinic will provide basic dental care for the uninsured. The Montgomery County Free Clinic will continue to collaborate with local school systems and with the Montgomery County Health Department to provide immunizations. The Montgomery County Free Clinic will provide health education — smoking cessation, diabetes counseling, hypertension management, women’s health issues, etc. The Montgomery County Free Clinic will continue to support and operate Meals on Wheels in collaboration with Franciscan Health Crawfordsville. The Montgomery County Free Clinic will continue the mission of Christian Nursing Service to care for our neighbors, to be a “Matthew 25 solution” (See
Whom do you serve?
About 5,000 adults (ages 19-64) in Montgomery County lack insurance (see Small Area Health Insurance Estimates) and as a result do not receive proper medical care. These individuals are not eligible for Medicaid and have incomes less than 300% of the federal poverty guidelines. Most of these residents are employed; however, unless their employer provides insurance, medical insurance is prohibitively expensive. See also the Indiana County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. More than 42% (2,680) of students in Montgomery County qualify for free or reduced-cost lunch. The clinic servea as a primary immunization site in the county. The clinic will not serve those who are covered by Medicaid.
How will you decide who gets care and who does not get care?
New patients will be interviewed to determine

  1. if they are residents of Montgomery County;
  2. if they are not eligible for Medicaid and;
  3. if their income is less than 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.

For more information, please download our eligibity guidelines – HERE.

Where is the clinic located?
We have completed a complete overhaul of the former MainSource Financial Group Branch Bank located on 816 South Mill Street at the northeast corner of Mill St. and Elmore St. The clinic is just a few houses south of the Milligan Memorial Church, site of the former CNS Well Baby and Adult Clinics. We expanded the building 3,796 square feet to 5,631 square feet. Tour the Clinic here.

What services are offered?
As uninsured patients experience the “culture of caring” that our clinic offers, we anticipate that more of these patients will come to our clinic rather than to the hospital emergency room. Those uninsured who do enter the hospital will now have a medical home to provide follow-up care when they leave the hospital. For the uninsured, dental care is a luxury. We have a dental facility that enables volunteer dentists to provide examinations and prophylaxis to children and adults. We also plan to provide restorations and periodontal care, which will help to improve patients’ overall health. When combined with dental education, this should reduce the incidence of tooth loss. We also offer simple oral surgery when necessary. This clinic is now the center for the administration of child and adult immunizations in the community. Working with the Montgomery County Health Department and the local school districts, we administer the majority of immunizations in Montgomery County. (The Immunization Clinic is every Tuesday from 9:00am-12:00pm.) This facility is a place where individuals can seek help in addressing chronic problems. Health education is an important part of this facility. We have a multi-purpose space where health professionals, community members and patients can gather for workshops and other health activities. Please review a list of Clinic services here.
Who operates the clinic?
We have structured a collaborative effort between physicians, nurses, dentists, Franciscan Health Crawfordsville, the Montgomery County Health Department, the Crawfordsville Community School Corporation, and other organizations within the community. Seeing the successes of clinics in Columbus and Bloomington, we also forged a relationship with the national organization, Volunteers in Medicine. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We employ a nurse practitioner, Ms. Kay Nannet, a nurse manager, Ms. Michele Thompson, and our Spanish interpreter is Ms. Linda Johnson. All of the physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals are volunteers. Meals on Wheels also is administered from this facility.
What about the hospital?
Franciscan Health Crawfordsville has agreed to provide up to $50,000 of support services to patients of the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic. We will provide follow-up care for uninsured patients admitted to the hospital or who have visited the ER.
How did you pay for it?
We raised $300,000 from friends and residents of Montgomery County. This enabled us to obtain $900,000 from North Central Health Services of Lafayette (NCHS). The resulting $1.2 million has been used to purchase and transform the MainSource Financial Group Bank at 816 South Mill St. to the Dr. Mary Ludwig Clinic. We need to raise about $175,000 each year for operation of the facility. We also are seeking $1 million dollars for the Montgomery County Free Clinic Endowment Fund, to support responsibly the ongoing costs of the facility.