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Monetary donations are always needed. The Montgomery County Clinic does not accept any government funding or insurance money. Therefore, all of our funds come from private donations and grants, and we have been the fortunate recipient of many over the past decade.

The Montgomery County Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization; please see EIN information here.

For more information on donating or volunteering please visit our GET INVOLVED page.
Currently donations can be directed to:

General Operating Funds

This helps to pay for salaries, medical and dental clinic supplies, utility bills, and capital expenses.

Dr. Bill Doemel Extended Services Fund

Named after the first Executive Director of the MCCF — just like all of us, sometimes our patients experience needs that are beyond routine and the ability of our Clinic to provide. Unlike many, our patients do not have insurance to help with those larger expensive tests, procedures and treatments.

Patient Emergency Fund

The majority of our patients are employed, and are typically able to afford their food, medications, and over-the-counter treatments. Every now and then, they need a bit of assistance to tide them over a challenging period. That is what this fund helps to do so our patients do not lose ground on their progress towards maintaining or achieving health.

Faith Alliance

Currently Faith Alliance funds help us to pay for mammograms for Clinic patients, and for all Montgomery County residents that do not have insurance coverage for mammograms.


Our endowment fund is with the Montgomery County Community Foundation and donations to this fund should be sent directly to the Montgomery County Community Foundation.

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