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Outgoing Board Members Recognized

Rebecca Lang, L, with president Harry Siamas. Rebecca was a founding member of MCFC and served on the board since its inception in 2008. In her time as Montgomery County Health Nurse, she was instrumental in the development of the Free Clinic and worked closely with MCFC to provide immunizations and other much-needed services.

Rick Warner, R, with Harry Siamas. Rick served two years on the board of MCFC, and continues to run our signature fund-raising event, Dining With The Chefs. His enthusiasm and dedication have been a tremendous help in raising money to provide health and dental care for neighbors in need.


Rev. Gary Lewis, L, with Harry Siamas, served on the MCFC board for many years. He was involved with the initial planning and site location, and he was helpful in serving as liaison to the local ministerial society.

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