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The Montgomery County Free Clinic is going solar!

The Free Clinic is partnering with Huston Solar, a division of Huston Electric of Lafayette, Indiana to install a nearly 20kW solar system. This installation will provide the clinic with an estimated 90% of the clinic’s energy requirements, reducing expenses by $2,200 per year. These savings will be put back into the work of the clinic, helping us to improve the health of our patients while simultaneously impacting the health of our planet. The project will consist of two 9.9kW solar arrays installed on the roof of the clinic.

Refundable Tax Credits

For the first time, nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive Federal support for green energy projects.  The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 allows nonprofit organizations to receive refundable federal tax credits when installing solar energy

US-Made components

The project will be using nearly 100% US-made components, including solar panels from Crossroads Solar, located in South Bend Indiana.    Utilizing US-made components will support US manufacturing jobs and maximize the refundable tax credits the clinic is eligible to receive.

Donor impact

When adjusted for inflation, the project will save the clinic more than $85,000 over the next 25 years.  Every $1 donated will generate $2.75 in impact for the clinic and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for the planet!

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