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The Beginning of the Transformation to the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County & MCFreeClinic 

On Friday, September 15, 2012, Kym Bushong, Construction Manager for Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County; Gil Tobias, Akers & Associates Architects, Inc., Aus Brooks, Emeritus Professor of Biology at Wabash College; and Bill Doemel, Executive Director of Montgomery County Free Clinic, Inc. salvaged 18 doors and frames from the building. MCFreeClinic donated all of the doors and frames to Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County enabling them to provide interior doors for more than three homes. Ms. Bushong estimates that the donation will save Habitat for Humanity more than $3,000.

Wabash Day at the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic, soon to be Montgomery County’s Volunteers in Medicine Clinic (VIM)

Saturday, September 16, was Wabash Day at 816 Mill Street. Twenty nine volunteers pitched in to begin the removal of walls, ceiling tiles, flooring, wood trim, and cabinets. Gil Tobas, Akers & Associates Architects, Inc. heade the project along with Darren Day and Charlie Warren, Akers Construction Services. We also had volunteers from Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity and from the Board of MCFreeClinic. Here is a list of the violunteers:

Darren Day, Akers Construction Services
Gil Tobias, Akers & Associates Architects, Inc.
Michael Tobias, Gil Tobias’s son
Charlie Warren, Akers Construction Services
Chris Amidon, CNS & MCFreeClinic Board
Aus Brooks, Professor of Biology Emeritus and Alumnus of Wabash College
Kym Bushong, Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County
Adam Alexander, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
Jonathan Anleitner, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Ian Artis, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Kendall Baker, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Nathan Bryant, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Kevin Downey, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
Edward Evans, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Paul Hudak, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Ian Leonard, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Stephanie Lowry, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
James Martin, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Clayton Mikesell, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Tyler Munjas, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
Austin Myers, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Jacob Sheridan, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Joseph Weisenritter, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Garrett Wilson, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Hia Xiadong, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Hongli Yang, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Paul Pfledderer, MCFreeClinic Volunteer Coordinator
Bill Doemel, mMCFreeClinic Executive Director
Austin Brooks, Wabash Alum
John Roberts, Wabash Alum & MCFreeClinic Board

Jim Amidon described the day in words and pictures (see Below is a picture of the group trhat worked together to make a difference in the community at 816 S. Mill Street.

Montgomery County Free Clinic, Inc. thanks everyone for their hard work and their gift of labor.


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