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The Gospel According to Hank Williams

The following is from a sermon, The Gospel According to Hank Williams, given by Dr. John Van Nuys at the Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 16, 2011:

…In Matthew 25, Christ bids us to tend the sick.  In 1968, a group of Crawfordsville women – including faithful Presbyterian women Rev. Chris Zachary, Mary Vi Leaming, and Catherine Milligan – founded the Christian Nursing Service to see what they could do to give further voice to complete Christ’s healing vision by providing a well baby clinic. 

Many joined in that work, which continues today and which – thanks to Suanne Milligan, Bill Doemel, and others – continues to evolve.  Christ’s vision incarnated as Christian Nursing Service’s vision is going to be further incarnated as the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic so that everyone in Montgomery County can receive health care regardless of whether they have medical insurance or not. 

You see, when we follow Paul’s encouragement to imitate Christ; to incarnate Christ’s vision; and to add our lives, talents, gifts, and love to further what Christ began; when we become involved by imitating Christ in what God is doing now, then that is when we really start living. That is when God’s blessings really start flowing.  That is when heaven and earth meet.  That is when our hurting world is transformed by God’s healing touch.  That is when our broken lives find new meaning, greater purpose, and true joy.   

That is the opportunity you have today.  So, don’t just believe in Christ, imitate him.  Follow him.  Serve him with energy, imagination, intelligence, and love.  Take Christ’s vision; take the source material from your Master and complete it as only you can:  Here and now.  In this place.  With your life.  Like Bill Doemel, imitate Christ’s love by helping others.  Like Tyler Brunty, imitate Christ’s love by being generous.  There never has been and there will never be another you.  What on earth are you going to do with the blessings, gifts, talents, and time God has given you? …

You may download the full sermon by clicking HERE.

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