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2020 Fall Newsletter

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MCFC Recognizes Years of Service and Welcomes New Members

The MCFC Board thanks our outgoing Board Members for their many years of service. Chris Amidon, Lora Hess, Cheryl Leech, Paul Pfledderer, Nancy Sennett, and John Tidd have a combined service of over 40 years with the Clinic. Thank you so much for your sincere dedication to the Clinic. MCFC welcomes new board members, Brad Carlson, Daryl Mendoza, and Jacob Moore. We also welcome Donna Hendrick-son as the new President and Dawn Hutson as the Treasurer.

Annual DWTC Goes Virtual

Due to COVID-19 our Sixth Annual Dining with the Chef’s Fundraiser was held virtually this year. Kay Nannet, the Clinic’s Executive Director explained, “When we realized that we weren’t going to be able to gather in person with the chefs this year, we had to devise a way to reach our audience through the internet. Committee member Chuck Ranspach volunteered his time to film our very busy and talented volunteer chefs, Dr. Richard Warner, Lali Hess, Jason Anderson, and Hannah Thompson in their own kitchens preparing their recipes for the evening.

Chuck also filmed Kay discussing the Clinic’s fundraising goals. The presentation went live as promised on August the 8th. We have had over 350 views so far and are thankful to everyone who took time out to watch the program and donate. The program is still available to view on YouTube (just search for Dining with the Chefs at Home Edition). The recipe book is now available as well Dining with the Chefs.

Kay explained that more patients than ever require the Clinic’s services at this time. “Historically, most of our patients are employed but can’t afford health insurance, Nannet explained, “and of course there are now more unemployed, uninsured people due to Covid-19. We are doing our best to keep up with demand but still need help from the community.”

Your donations can be given through the Clinic’s website or by mail. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors who made this virtual DWTC a success. We appreciate all your support.

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